Have Your House Appraised

House Donation Group - Appraisers

We require that a professional appraisal of your house be done by a certified appraiser, in the 60 days immediately prior to the removal of your house. This valuation will be for the structure only, and separate from the value of your land.

We use this structure appraisal to calculate your 3% donation amount. Also, the IRS will need a current appraisal in support of your deduction documentation. We do not provide a copy of your appraisal to the IRS. The fair market value you use for charitable deduction purposes will be based on this appraisal. You are responsible for hiring the appraiser.

House Donation Group - House Appraiser Groups

Associations and Organizations

You are free to choose any accredited, professional apparaiser that you like. Here are links to some professional appraiser groups, but these are only suggestions.

American Society of Appraisers –
Appraisers Association –
National Association of Real Estate Appraisers –
National Independent Fee Appraisers –