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House Donation Group - How It Works

House Donation Group - Our Program

House Donation Group accepts donations of whole houses, finds buyers, sells those houses through an auction, and generates contributions that help other charitable housing organizations. By donating a future interest in your house, it becomes tangible personal property as it is removed from your land. This qualifies it as a charitable, tax deductible item.*

House Donation Group - Designated Mover

We work with Nickel Bros, a separate entity contracted as our exclusive mover and co-marketer for your house. We have them determine which houses can be recycled and moved. Not all houses can be economically removed. And of those that can, not all will sell at our auction in the time available. Successful house buyers will contract directly with Nickel Bros to complete the house’s removal and relocation.

House Donation Group - Qualified Buyers

Your house will be listed on the House Donation Group ( and the Nickel Bros ( web sites. Potential house buyers will pre-qualify with Nickel Bros for feasibility of a move to their property, receive an estimate of moving costs, and provide confirmation of available funds for the move. Qualified buyers will submit sealed purchase bids to House Donation Group and the high bidder will be awarded the house.

House Donation Group - Charitable Contributions

As a house donor, you will contribute 3% of the appraised value of your structure only – not land – to House Donation Group, to handle our administrative costs of marketing and to support our programs. The funds from the winning bid also go to House Donation Group but these amounts can be low. For most buyers, the cost of the move is the major portion of the expense. As a non-profit, our goal is that 80% to 85% of every dollar we bring in, goes to fund housing programs for those in need.

House Donation Group - House Removal

Once your house has been sold, Nickel Bros will coordinate with you and the buyer to do the removal. You will need to give Nickel Bros written permission to sever the house from the land. House Donation Group does not participate in the house move.