Donate Your House

Here are 3 major reasons why:

House Donation Group - Donate Your House
  • Provides you with a tax deduction*

  • Recycles your house to be used by others

  • Helps raise money for charitable housing programs

We work with house owners and Nickel Bros house movers, to find houses suitable to be lifted, transported, and sold to new owners as saved/recycled houses.

House Donation Group - Can Your House Be Saved

Some – but not all – houses can be saved. If yours is accepted, sold and removed, the appraised value of your house can be reported as a tax deductible charitable contribution. Personal income tax deductions may be allowed for charitable contributions of tangible property each year, for up to 50% of annual adjusted gross income. The tax deduction may be applied toward tax returns for up to 5 successive years. You may report both the appraised value of the house, and your 3% contribution to House Donation Group as charitable deductions.*

House Donation Group - Before Moving

If Nickel Bros agrees that they are willing to accept your house to be moved, then let them know you’d like to donate the house to the House Donation Group for a tax deduction*. We’ll work with you to accept the donation of your house, sell you house through our auction process, and then transfer the ownership to the buyers who will coordinate with Nickel Bros to remove your house.

House Donation Group - Appraisals

In the 60 days before your house is moved, you will need to have a professional real estate appraisal done by an accredited appraiser, to establish the current market value for your house structure. This value will be separate from the value of your land, for the IRS. And to calculate your donation amount to House Donation Group. The value of the house that you are donating will be an important factor in the determination of your allowable tax deduction. See our section on Tax Deductions for more information.

Your local county tax report may indicate an approximate value of your house structure. Or go to Zillow’s home value estimate calculator found here. Enter your home’s street address, city, state and zip in the box titled “Enter your home address”, then click "Get started". Remember, this “Zestimate” includes the value of your land also, so your house structure will represent just part of that valuation. In many urban settings the structure is worth about 50% of the total value of the property, as a rough guideline.

House Donation Group - Why We Charge

We charge each house donor to accept their donated house. These donations from house donors are the primary way we raise funds for the housing programs we support. They also help to cover this program’s administration, insurance, tax filings and operating costs. The amount you pay as a donation to House Donation Group is tax deductible, and the value of your donated house is also tax deductible*.

House Donation Group - Your Donation Amount

To calculate the donation amount for House Donation Group to accept your house, just multiply the appraised value of your structure only (not including land), times 3%. As an example, if your structure is worth $100,000 then multiply that x 3% and your donation amount is $3,000.

Donation amounts are based on house values rather than a set amount. So owners of more valuable houses pay more, but may also qualify for higher tax deductions*. Our goal is to generate funds for our charitable programs in as fair and proportional a manner as possible, and we believe this method works best.

House Donation Group - Value vs Deduction

Please note that your actual tax deduction* may not be the appraised value of your house structure, though this is how we calculate your donation to House Donation Group. For information on tax deductions please see our Tax Deductions section.

* We recommend you confirm the impact of any tax or individual financial decisions you are considering with your financial or tax professionals before making any decisions that affect your tax or financial choices.